Apple posts “Better” video and announces their Environmental Responsibility statement








Click the image to watch the video.

Role: Line Producer
Directors: ZCDC – Zack Canepari & Drea Cooper
Production Company: Slim Pictures

Apple announced a new statement on environmental responsibility for Earth Day 2014 accompanied by a video highlighting their commitment to better materials, less packaging and renewable energy to power their factories, data centers and infrastructure.

This video was produced through the MarComm department at Apple, directed by ZCDC – the team of Zack Canepari and Drea Cooper – with production services provided by Slim Pictures.

The industry is already taking note of this bold and groundbreaking public statement, which will once again set Apple apart from the rest of the corporate world and a step ahead of it competitors when it comes to innovation and commitment to the future.

Industry Press:
Business Insider article “Tim Cook Reveals His Vision For Apple In An Environmental Video

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King And Country Combines Beautiful Photography and CG Balloons for Honda

Role: Line Producer
Production/Post/Visual Effects: King and Country
Director: Rick Gledhill
Agency: RPA

King and Country took on the task of realizing a series of new Civic spots for the RPA Agency. Challenged by time and, of course, money, both companies being based in Santa Monica, CA allowed for a quicker path to the final creative and a pair of beautiful car spots for Honda.

King and Country searched exhaustively in the Los Angeles studio zone for just the right location that would evoke the feel of an art gallery but allow the production to customize the set. The LA Design Center provided just the right look and space, a large open room with a mottled concrete floor, red brick walls and an expansive wooden truss and barrel ceiling.

Before production began, the Visual FX team at King and Country carefully crafted each shot in previs under the watchful eye of director Rick Gledhill. DP Jordan Valenti aided in the shot selection, bringing each shot beautifully to life once on set.

There was not much time for post production, especially considering each shot required the creation of up to dozens of photo-real mylar balloons printed with customer quotes. The advance work and testing by the CG team paid off and quick approvals by the creative at RPA for the final cut, copy for the balloons, and the final composites allowed the spots to hit their air date.

For more information on the creative process involved, read the following article on

Industry Press: article “RPA & King And Country Help Honda Fly High In New Civic Campaign”

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Motel 6 “Metamorphosis” Spot Breaks New Ground

Role: Line Producer
Production/Post/Visual Effects: King and Country
Director: Rick Gledhill
Agency: The Richards Group

Motel 6 and The Richards Group joined forces with production/visual effects company King and Country to create a :30 commercial that debuted as the centerpiece of a cross-media campaign celebrating the brand’s 50th anniversary. The spot takes us on a classic family road trip that spans 50 years. Rick Gledhill directed for K&C. K&C directed, animated and did all VFX in house for the spot.

Check out this behind-the-scenes doc on the making of the spot then scroll down to read some industry press.

Recent Press:
AdWeek Ad of the Day article

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RANGO wins 2011 Best Animated Feature Film

Role: Line Producer, Production Supervisor
Director: Gore Verbinski
Starring: Johnny Depp, Bill Nighy, Isla Fisher, Abigail Breslin

Very excited to report that a movie I worked on has received an Oscar: RANGO won for 2011 Best Animated Feature Film!

I was the Production Supervisor on the movie, which as an animated film, bears some explanation. Unlike most animated films with the actors recording their lines in a sound booth, we brought all the actors together for a month of shooting on a sound stage at Universal Studios. We filmed them with three video cameras, minimal wardrobe, props and set dressing, acting with each other, or as the director, Gore Verbinski, likes to say, “Reacting with other.”

The shoot was dubbed “Emotion Capture”, a riff on the more common motion capture process, and its intention was to yield a depth of acting and emotional realism that is often lacking in animated films. The effort seems to have paid off.

For a fun behind-the-scenes look at how this “Emotion Capture” shoot went, check out this video on YouTube.

For me, it was a great opportunity to work on a big Hollywood film with an A-list cast and crew, as usually I work on independent films. The experience was very rewarding and I hope to repeat the process for future animated films who see the value in doing their own “Emotion Capture” shoot.

While I wasn’t at the Oscars ceremony when the awards were handed out, and Hollywood wouldn’t make any fuss over the Production Supervisor on the film, I have received a bit of recognition in Southern Oregon for my role in the production. Here’s a smattering of newspaper articles and TV news about me.

Mail Tribune

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Chevy “Skydive”

Role: Line Producer, Assistant Director
Production: Slim Pictures
Directors: Drea Cooper & Zack Canepari
Agency: Goodby Silverstein

(To see how this spot was made, click HERE to watch a short film by the directors.)

What an extraordinary and beautiful spot! General Motors and Chevy have really let Goodby Silverstein go wild with ideas for the launch of their new car, the Sonic. To realize this amazing idea of parachuting a car from a plane, the agency turned to the directing team of ZCDC, made up of Zack Canepari and Drea Cooper, who have made a name for themselves with the California is a Place series. And they in turn turned to me to keep within the tough confines of budget and schedule. And I’m so glad they did.

The spot and a corresponding short doc (see my Shortform page) were filmed over the course of four days outside of Phoenix, Arizona. A great local crew provided the strong support needed to manage three camera units, 27 camera positions, multiple rigs, setup, shoot and wrap.

And last but not least, none of this would have been possible without the amazing team of skydivers, air crew and ground crew. Led by champion skydivers Greg Gasson and Joe Jennings, who’s incredible mid-air photography brings so much magic to the spots, they provided much of the logistical planning, car and parachute prep, air support, ground support, and overall bravery and dedication.

Recent Press:
The Location Guide

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