King And Country Combines Beautiful Photography and CG Balloons for Honda

Role: Line Producer
Production/Post/Visual Effects: King and Country
Director: Rick Gledhill
Agency: RPA

King and Country took on the task of realizing a series of new Civic spots for the RPA Agency. Challenged by time and, of course, money, both companies being based in Santa Monica, CA allowed for a quicker path to the final creative and a pair of beautiful car spots for Honda.

King and Country searched exhaustively in the Los Angeles studio zone for just the right location that would evoke the feel of an art gallery but allow the production to customize the set. The LA Design Center provided just the right look and space, a large open room with a mottled concrete floor, red brick walls and an expansive wooden truss and barrel ceiling.

Before production began, the Visual FX team at King and Country carefully crafted each shot in previs under the watchful eye of director Rick Gledhill. DP Jordan Valenti aided in the shot selection, bringing each shot beautifully to life once on set.

There was not much time for post production, especially considering each shot required the creation of up to dozens of photo-real mylar balloons printed with customer quotes. The advance work and testing by the CG team paid off and quick approvals by the creative at RPA for the final cut, copy for the balloons, and the final composites allowed the spots to hit their air date.

For more information on the creative process involved, read the following article on

Industry Press: article “RPA & King And Country Help Honda Fly High In New Civic Campaign”

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