Chevy “Skydive”

Role: Line Producer, Assistant Director
Production: Slim Pictures
Directors: Drea Cooper & Zack Canepari
Agency: Goodby Silverstein

(To see how this spot was made, click HERE to watch a short film by the directors.)

What an extraordinary and beautiful spot! General Motors and Chevy have really let Goodby Silverstein go wild with ideas for the launch of their new car, the Sonic. To realize this amazing idea of parachuting a car from a plane, the agency turned to the directing team of ZCDC, made up of Zack Canepari and Drea Cooper, who have made a name for themselves with the California is a Place series. And they in turn turned to me to keep within the tough confines of budget and schedule. And I’m so glad they did.

The spot and a corresponding short doc (see my Shortform page) were filmed over the course of four days outside of Phoenix, Arizona. A great local crew provided the strong support needed to manage three camera units, 27 camera positions, multiple rigs, setup, shoot and wrap.

And last but not least, none of this would have been possible without the amazing team of skydivers, air crew and ground crew. Led by champion skydivers Greg Gasson and Joe Jennings, who’s incredible mid-air photography brings so much magic to the spots, they provided much of the logistical planning, car and parachute prep, air support, ground support, and overall bravery and dedication.

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